A Typical Day


Junior Camper activity assignments are announced after each meal.  Morning activities are experienced as a cabin group, while afternoon activities are completed in activity groups.  These groups are composed of campers from different cabins in order to facilitate campers meeting a variety of people.  A free period for swim or play, including the entire camp, completes the afternoon activities.

Senior Campers have a similar activity schedule, but there is more flexibility to allow for special events, including occasional trips off camp property.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are cook-out nights.  This gives campers the chance to select a site at camp and prepare a meal as a cabin.  Equipped with a basket of food, campers gather wood, build a fire, cook their meal and enjoy.  These nights typically make for a great camp-out adventure under the stars.


7:45 AM –  Rise
8:15 AM –  Prayer Service
8:30 AM –  Flagpole/Breakfast
9:15 AM –  Cabin Clean-Up
10:00 AM – 1st Activity
11:00 AM – 2nd Activity
12:00 PM – Wash up for lunch
12:30 PM – Lunch
1:20 PM –  Rest Period
2:30 PM  – Activity or Swim Lesson
3:30 PM –  Activity or Swim Lesson
4:30 PM –  Free swim or free play
5:30 PM – Showers
6:25 PM – Flagpole/Dinner
7:45 PM – Night Activity
9:30 PM- Showers/Lights Out

7:30/7:45 AM- Rise
8:15 AM –  Prayer Service
8:30 AM –  Flagpole/Breakfast
9:00 AM –  1st Activity
10:00 AM – Swim Lesson
11:15 AM – Cabin Clean-Up
12:30 PM – Lunch
1:30 PM –  2nd  Activity
2:30 PM –  3rd Activity
3:30 PM –  Rest Period
4:30 PM –  Free Swim
5:30 PM –  Clean-up for dinner
6:30 PM –  Flagpole/Dinner
7:45 PM –  Night Activity
10:00 PM -Showers/Lights Out

Registration Update:

2018 Camp Registration opens Wednesday, Oct. 11, at 12:00 pm central time.  Dates are posted under “dates and rates” and current rates will be posted shortly.