Marymount is fortunate to have a beautiful, five-acre, spring fed lake. Every camper takes a swim test upon arrival to determine his or her ability, and all attend Red Cross approved swim classes to enhance ability. Other water activities offered include a free swim period for all campers to enjoy the lake, distance swimming for those who want a challenge, and an organized activity period of water games.

Another aspect of the water front program is canoeing. Campers are taught proper care and use of boats, paddles and flotation devices as well as canoeing skills.

Camp’s arts and crafts program emphasizes expression and provides activities based on each camper’s development. There are opportunities in arts and crafts to paint and draw, work in leathercrafts, or to be creative with the environment. Additionally, in camp crafts campers learn pioneering skills such as cloth dying, teepee building and candle-making.

Campers are given the opportunity to experience nature first-hand through hikes to a variety of natural areas in camp including woods, swamps, ponds, creeks and clearings.Each cabin adopts an area of the garden to plant, tend and harvest as the fruits and vegetables become ripe.  Campers also learn the importance of recycling and get a first hand look at the compost bin and how it works as a source of fertilizer for the garden.

Camp has a stable of fifteen horses. In horsemanship, campers are taught safety/horse sense, how to saddle and care for the horses, and to appreciate, respect, and understand horses. Riding skills are also taught at certain age /ability levels.

Riflery and archery provide opportunities to learn skills that enhance coordination as well as encourage personal achievement. Instructors in both areas teach safety first. Additionally campers are taught to respect and care for the equipment. Awards are presented in accordance with the standards of the National Rifle Association and the American Archery Association.
Other activities include: Yard Games, Weird Science, Athletics, Drance (Drama & Dance for our girls’ session), Wrestling (for boys’ session), Marymount Mutterings (camp newspaper), and many more.