2023 Dates & Rates:

Girls’ 2 Week Session: May 28- June 9

Girls’ 3 Week Session: June 11- June 30

Boys’ 1 Week Session: July 9- July 14

Boys’ 2 Week Session: July 16- July 28

If you have a female camper who is going into the 9th grade (in the Fall of 2023) they are eligible to be a Senior Camper. Female junior campers are those K – 8th grade. There is a two-week session and a three-week session available to both Junior and Senior female campers.

If you have a male camper who is going into the 8th grade (in the Fall of 2023) they are eligible for Senior Camp. Male junior campers are those K- 7th grade. There is a one week session and a two week session available for male campers.


2023 Rates: 

Session Full Camp Fee Partially Subsidized Camp Fee Fully Subsidized Camp Fee
Girls’ Sessions-      
Junior Camp 2 Week: $1,300.00 $1,190.00 $1,080.00
Senior Camp 2 Week:  $1,385.00 $1,270.00 $1,155.00
Junior Camp 3 Week: $1,620.00 $1,485.00 $1,350.00
Senior Camp 3 Week: $1,740.00 $1,595.00 $1,450.00
Boys’ Sessions-      
Junior Camp 1 Week: $590.00 NA NA
Senior Camp Adventure Week: $690.00 NA NA
Junior Camp 2 Week: $1,300.00 $1,190.00 $1,080.00
Senior Camp 2 Week: $1,385.00 $1,270.00 $1,155.00
  • There is a non-refundable $150 deposit which must be paid after completing the online application.  The deposit will go towards tuition.
  • Add $125 changeover fee to the rate above if  your camper wishes to stay on site between sessions
  • Boys going to both sessions: Junior camp receives a $200.00 discount/ Senior Camp receives a $300.00 discount

Realizing that families have varying abilities to pay we have instituted a voluntary Flexible Fee Structure. This will allow families that cannot afford to pay the Full Camp Fee to pay a lesser amount – either the Partially Subsidized Fee or the Fully Subsidized Fee. It also allows families that can pay the full fee to cover the entire cost of sending your child to camp to do that. This in no way prevents those that are most in need from applying for scholarship.

(The Full Camp Fee is not subsidized by donations or other funds received from fundraising efforts. It allows us to cover all costs of sending a child to camp, and includes expenses for staff, maintenance, food, programs, supplies and depreciation of equipment and buildings.)

Scholarship Requests:
Limited funds are available based on financial need.  Requests for scholarship aid must be made by logging into your camper account.  All scholarship money will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis to those who qualify.  We do require your previous year taxes and a copy of the most recent pay stubs.  All is confidential and turned over to the scholarship committee.

Family Discounts:

A tuition reduction is available to families sending two or more camper in any session with the following restrictions:

    1. Family Discounts only apply between siblings (brothers and sisters) in the same family.
    2. If your children attend different length sessions, the lesser discount amount applies and will be applied to the last session scheduled.  Family discounts will be automatically deducted from the total camp fees when applications and deposits are received.  If applications are mailed separately, please indicate that a family discount applies.

Family discounts apply as follows:

1 Week Session – $20 deduction per additional child
2 Week Session – $50 deduction per additional child
3 Week Session – $70 deduction per additional child
5 Week Session – $100 deduction per additional child

*  If you are able to forgo your family discount and pay full tuition we will consider the discount amount a donation to the Scholarship Fund.

Diocese of Nashville and Dominican Campus Discounts:

Camp Marymount is proud to be part of the Diocese of Nashville! In honor of our 80 year history we want to offer any employee of the Diocese of Nashville or the Dominican Campus of St. Cecilia a 10% discount on tuition rates. Please provide us with a letter of employment from your pastor or employer verifying employment with either the Diocese of Nashville or the schools at the Dominican campus.

Military Discount:

In appreciation of the sacrifice our military families give to our country, Camp Marymount extends a 10% discount toward tuition of any summer camp session to all active military families. Please send in military papers verifying active duty military status.

** Discounts are for the children of the Diocese of Nashville, Dominican Campus and Military employed parents ONLY and cannot be used for extended family in any way. A sibling discount cannot be combined with any Diocesan, Dominican Campus, or Military discounts.