Suggested Camper Packing List

Please remember to label all items with camper’s name.
The following is merely a list of suggested articles.  There is no need to purchase new clothing for Camp.  Laundry will be provided for campers on a weekly basis.  Campers sometimes misplace their belongings, therefore please mark all items sent with the child.
Personal Items
soap and soap case
reusable water bottle
3 pairs of jeans or long pants
1 pair of shower shoes or flip flips
8 pairs of shorts (1 navy blue)
10 T-shirts (1 white)
2 long sleeve shirts
10 pairs of underwear
12 pairs of socks
3 pairs of shoes (no sandals)
2 one-piece or full tankini bathing suits
2 sets of pajamas
1 hat
Other Items
4 towels (bathrobe if desired)
2 beach/lake towels
2 washcloths
1 sleeping bag
2 sets of sheets with pillow cases
1 laundry bag
1 blanket
1 pillow
1 jacket or sweatshirt
1 rain coat or poncho
1 belt

Optional Items: camera (disposable), bug spray, summer reading books, journal, case and safety strap for glasses, water bottle, a small bucket or container to carry shower items.

Items Not Allowed: Please do not bring: Cell phone, beeper, jewelry, TV, radio, handheld video games, hair dryer, knives, candy, cokes or other valuables. Although i-pods are allowed during rest times (for music listening only), we do not encourage the use of them at Marymount. Camp Marymount reserves the right to search trunks, bags, and packages and to confiscate any of the above items and any items it deems dangerous or not appropriate for its program.  We are not responsible for the condition or security of items confiscated, including cell phones.Camp Marymount, Inc. is not responsible for articles of property lost or stolen.  Please do not bring items of monetary or sentimental value.Camp Marymount discourages parents from sending money with their child and is not responsible for the loss of money even if kept in our safe.

Registration Update:

Registration open December 1, at 1 pm!