Frequently Asked Questions

When will I find out what cabin my child is in?  Will we be able to switch cabins at check-in?
You and your campers will stay together through the entire check-in procedure and will find out the cabin number and counselor(s) from a staff member in the lodge area (there are station signs posted & staff available to direct you).  You will meet your cabin mates at the cabin; please do not ask at check-in who is in your cabin.  The placement of campers is done by grade and age with camper requests considered.  It is a very difficult and delicate process; therefore we will not change camper cabins at check-in except in the case of grade or age error.


What about requesting a friend to be in the same cabin as my child?
While we encourage campers to meet new people and be open to cabin placement, we understand the first time camper may be apprehensive about being “alone” in a cabin.  In addition, campers who do not live in the same city may only have this time to see each other.  Therefore, you may request one or two people with which to be placed in the same cabin.  If more than two campers are listed, or if the other campers’ parents do not have matching requests, then the request will be discarded.  Camp Marymount is not responsible for contacting parents in order to complete requests.


Is there a visiting day? If I can’t come then, could I stop by at another time?
We do not offer a visitor day during ANY of our sessions. Because of the number of campers, the busy schedule at camp, and security reasons, it is not feasible for visitors to come during the session.  


When do I pick up my child at the end of the session?
The last day of the two week session and three week is on a Friday. Pick up times are between 9:00 and 11:00 am. Please make arrangements to have your camper picked up during these times. If you have questions or need to make special arrangements, please contact the office prior to the closing day.

Pickup and the last day of the Boys’ One Week Session is Friday, from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM. 


Camper Expectations

Above all, Campers are expected to follow the 10 golden rules of Marymount.

  1. Always have a buddy
  2. Always tell your counselor where you’re going
  3. Always wear closed-toe shoes
  4. Walk, unless participating in an activity
  5. Rocks stay on the ground
  6. When a car approaches, move to the side of the road and STOP
  7. Ask permission to enter any activity area or building outside of Junior Senior Camp
  8. Trash goes in the garbage cans
  9. Be quiet during announcements
  10. Listen to each other and cooperate

In addition to our golden rules, campers can expect the following.  Meals are eaten family style seated by cabin in the dining hall.  Campers are expected to attend all meals and observe appropriate table manners.  Campers will help clean the dining hall after a meal on a rotating basis.  Campers are also required to participate in daily cabin and camp clean-up times.  Campers are expected to attend daily prayer services and Sunday Liturgy as part of the camp program.