Summer 2023 Staff

2023 Staff Dates:

Girls Session Dates-

  • ADMIN Training: May 21- May 23
  • Training Week: May 21- May 27
  • Girls’ 2 Week Session: May 28- June 9
  • Girls’ 3 Week Session: June 11- June 30

Boys Session Dates-

  • Training Week: July 2- July 8
  • Boys’ 1 Week Session: July 9- July 14
  • Boys’ 2 Week Session: July 16- July 28
  • Camp Marymount hires counselors and support staff each summer to work either or both boys and girls sessions.
  • Female counselors and CIT’s are hired for the girls sessions and males work as support staff.
  • During the boys session, male counselors and CIT’s are hired and females work as support staff.

If you are a responsible, dedicated individual who truly cares for the well-being and personal growth of youth,  then a counselor or support staff position with Marymount may be just right for you. If you have any questions regarding employment at Marymount, please email the Program Director or call 615-799-0410.

We typically start accepting summer staff hiring in November and hire through the Spring. Application links will be posted during those times.

Most counselors come to Marymount with the hopes of passing on to their campers what many received in their days as a Marymount camper. Some staff members are new to Marymount and bring a fresh perspective and energy to the camp. Every counselor and staff person at Marymount though, will have in common their commitment to the growth, fun, safety and excitement of the children who will attend camp. Employment at Marymount is a tremendous amount of work and responsibility. Not only a great resume builder it is extremely rewarding experience that you will never forget.

Camp Marymount offers both campers and staff an opportunity to be themselves in a fun and caring atmosphere. Between teaching activities, eating each meal in the dining hall with a table full of campers, and living with a cabin full of campers, counselors really get a chance to know the campers and each other in a variety of ways. Every staff member is required to attend “training week” prior to the beginning of the session that they will work. All applicants must be able to commit to the entire session (this includes the training week which typically begins 7 days prior to the campers’ arrival).

If you are interested in applying for a position on our staff for the coming summer, please complete the online application for new staff applicants at your earliest convenience. You must also need to provide 4 references during the application process.  Also please carefully read the Staff handbook so you are aware of our policies and procedures. It is important for you to understand these rules before you commit to working at Camp Marymount. Please note that these policies and procedures are annually reviewed and updated and there may be some changes made through the course of the year. If you are hired and if any changes were made, you will be made aware of these changes before the camp session begins.

Marymount Year Round Staff

Tommy Hagey,

Executive Director

Margaret Hagey,

Summer Director

Kris Gaustad,

Office Administrator

Kelly Moore,
Property Maintenance Director

Monika Whiteley,

Ashley Ellis,

Program Director