Society of the Old Lodge

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Together We Can Make a Difference for the Camp We Love!

What is the Society of the Old Lodge?

  • A society of Marymount alumni that pledge to give to Camp every year
  • A society affiliated with Camp which has earned the Marymount seal of approval
  • Donations to this society go toward maintenance and beautification projects of Camp

2012 Projects

Three Junior Camp Cabin Repairs  



How Do I Become a Member?                                                                  Join the Society

  • Pledge to give a fixed dollar amount to camp each year for a period of 5 years
  • Continue to give this dollar amount every calendar year to enable Camp to plan and execute needed beautification projects
  • If you want to become a member of the society please click here or email 
Registration Update:

2022 Summer Camp Registration opens November 18th @ 12:00 PM CST