Get creative in the kitchen and make your very own camp meals at home! If you attempt to make a meal as good as our camp cooks and kitchen crew do, tag us or send us your videos and photos. Remember, we eat our meals family style (i.e. everyone sits at the table together, all the food is placed on the table in serving platters, and everyone takes a turn at getting their food and then passes is it down the table). This could be a fun way to do breakfast, lunch or dinner in your home (if you don’t already do) and way to bring a little part of camp into your home!

  • Taco Tuesday- put all of your favorite toppings out and create your tacos the way you like them!
  • French Toast Friday- Here is a simple recipe to follow, . Don’t forget the powdered sugar!
  • Dorito Diablo We usually have this for dinner on Fridays, but feel free to make it for any night of the week. Here is a recipe that is pretty similar to ours, . Just make sure you add nacho cheese to the recipe, it makes a difference!
  • Spaghetti Saturday Cook your favorite spaghetti recipe and serve. The catch is, you must use cooking utensils to eat your dinner with. This is a camp tradition and definitely a way to bring a smile to everyone’s face at dinner.
  • Chicken Nugs!
  • Chicken Sandwiches
  • Breakfast Before (Mrs. Hagey’s recipe coming soon!)

If you really want to get creative, have yourself your very own cookout night in your backyard and try one of our cookout meals. Don’t forget dessert…s’mores!

  • Chicken and dumplings/ beef stew– If you have either of these in cans, go ahead and take the lid off and the label. Cover the top with tin foil and place the can on the warm coals. Use a green stick (or spoon) to stir the stew to make sure all of it is being warmed and nothing sticks to the bottom.
  • Hobos- Here is a great link to show how to make the perfect hobo, hobo-dinner.
  • Hamburgers and Hot dogs– This one should be easy to figure out, but if you want to be a true Marymounter cook your hot-dog using a green stick!

Registration Update:

2022 Summer Camp Registration opens November 18th @ 12:00 PM CST