Camp coloring pages. Click on the one you want below to color and print it. Once you are finished your masterpiece take a photo of your coloring page and tag us so we can highlight it on our social pages! Feel free to create a coloring page for us and if we love it we may just post it here for everyone to color.

Cabin with Sun coloring page

Cross and Canoe Coloring Page

Create colourful butterflies by weaving yarn around craft sticks

Old Lodge Coloring Page

God’s Eye or Woven Butterflies. This craft requires yarn and popsicle sticks or left over chopsticks!

CD Sun Catchers. Break out those old CDs that you haven’t listened to in years and let your kiddos go crazy with the markers! Let’s face it, the CDs weren’t getting used anyway!

Nature Animal Prints. Another chance to get outside! Collect leaves and twigs and different flowers. Then pick an animal you want to create and use those natural pieces to lay out the design.

Kids of all ages will enjoy making Bark Owls from bark, acorns, twigs, and seeds after a fall nature walk. 

Nature Crafts: Bark owl. Another way to get outside and make cute crafts using nature.

Pet Rocks. Go outside, find a rock, name that rock and paint the rock!

Kindness Rocks. We could all use a little extra kindness in the world right now. Work together as a family and think of affirmation words and paint them on rocks. Then take a walk around your neighborhood or go to the park (practice social distancing) and lay the rocks out for others to find! Wouldn’t it make you smile to see a brightly painted rock with the words You’re beautifulStrong, or Hope?

Kindness rocks

Pinecone Bird Feeder. If you have extra peanut butter and bird seed, get outdoors and make a homemade bird feeder!

Fairy Garden Structures. This is a great chance to get outside and find all kinds of nature and turn it into Fairy Gardens or gnome homes! If you Google or Pinterest Fairy Gardens you will have endless options!

Slime Recipe. Making your own slime can be lots of fun. Make sure you have a clean work space to avoid big messes.

Registration Update:

2022 Summer Camp Registration opens November 18th @ 12:00 PM CST